Penobscot Valley Branch of the AAUW – Welcome


Welcome to our branch! Penobscot Valley is  planning a variety of programs by Zoom to further the AAUW  mission of promoting women’s economic equality and diversity.  In addition to our programs, we also enjoy each other’s ideas and conversation at our annual January brunch, “pizza and politics” dinners, and annual meeting in May.  Please visit the projects and programs pages for further activities.  As you know, some of these may have to be changed or postponed.  

To promote women’s economic equality, AAUW has developed a free online salary negotiation program!

Apply for National AAUW Scholarships now!
Dr, Bonnie Newsom, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Maine, is a 2019 AAUW American Fellowship Winner!

Penobscot Valley College Scholarships
Kelly Grindle, Heidi Toner, and Leslie Tibbetts, students at the University of Maine at Augusta Bangor Campus, are very deserving recipients of our three $500 scholarships.  Their respective fields are in Legal Studies, Community Health/Social Work, and Veterinary Technician.   Congratulations on your hard work!

Branch Annual Meeting!!

Date: Saturday, May 21, 2022   
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM  ZOOM
Program: Joanne Boyton will introduce our Nontraditional Women’s Scholarship recipients, Kelley Grindle, Leslie Tibbetts, and Heidi Toner. During the following business meeting, members will vote on the Proposed Leadership Team for next year.
Janet Givens and Fran Haines, co-hosts

Pizza and Politics!!

July 2021 – Moriah, Dora, Lee, Susan, Sarah, Mary, Cathleen          

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 21, 2022

Pizza and Politics will on Thursday, August 21 at 4:30 pm.. We plan to meet outside and in person to share our perspectives on politics. If you have not participated in this lively discussion group, do yourself a favor and join us. It is always informative and fun. We will also meet September 21. Hope to see you soon!


Please see the Membership page.

A Little Penobscot Valley History …                 

Originally called the University of Maine branch, our branch was founded in 1924.  Many familiar with the University of Maine will recognize buildings named after these charter members: Dr. Caroline Colvin, Dr. Ava Chadbourne, and Dr. Edith Patch.    Later, in the 90’s, we became  the Penobscot Valley Branch.  Our branch now includes members from Bangor, Belfast, Bradley, Deer Isle, Holden, Newburgh, Old Town, and Orono. 

Special Recognition …

Maryann Hartman Awards:

Member Mary Cathcart and former members Ruth Lockhart, and Katherine Musgrave have received the Maryann Hartman Award at the University of Maine, These annual awards recognize women whose works inspire others and raise awareness of contemporary women’s accomplishments.

Maine Women’s Hall of Fame

Mary Cathcart, Katherine Musgrave, Sharon Barker,  Ruth Lockhart, and Ann Schonberger are members and former members who have been elected to the Maine Women’s Hall of Fame.