Penobscot Valley Branch of the AAUW – Welcome

Penobscot Valley Branch furthers the mission of AAUW to empower women. This year’s program topics include: AAUW Maine initiatives; the what, where, when and how of the 2018 election in Maine; and diversity and immigration.   We also enjoy each other’s ideas and conversation at our annual January brunch, “pizza and politics” dinners, and annual meeting. We’re also hosting the state convention in the spring!  Please visit the projects page for other activities and for national and local information.   

Apply for National AAUW Scholarships now!

We have selected three deserving women for our Penobscot Valley Scholarships!

Upcoming events:
Pizza and Politics:  Thursday, May 23, 2019, 5:30 at Pat’s

Garage sale; June 8, 2019
Janet Givens home, 75 Bennoch Rd.  More details coming.

Recent meetings:

Ina Demers, panelist, and Sara Gidean, Achievement Citation Award Winner

Friday, Saturday, May 3,4  AAUW Maine State Convention at  Dirigo PInes Inn, Orono   

Wednesday, May 8
Penobscot Valley Branch Annual Dinner Meeting       

Saturday, March 9
At Dirigo Pines Inn,  we held a program on Building Inclusive Communities. A panel of women with diverse identities shared their experiences in the community.  This was a very relevant  and successful meeting!!  Our facebook page has a video link of this meeting (starting at 5:29).

The programs page also lists meetings, 

For more photos and information, see our Facebook page

A Little Penobscot Valley History …                 

Originally called the University of Maine branch, our branch was founded in 1924.  Many familiar with the University of Maine will recognize buildings named after these charter members: Dr. Caroline Colvin, Dr. Ava Chadbourne, and Dr. Edith Patch.    Later, in the 90’s, we became  the Penobscot Valley Branch.  Our branch now includes members from Bangor, Belfast, Bradley, Bucksport,, Holden, Newburgh, Old Town, Orono, Portland and Auburn.

Special Recognition …

Maryann Hartman Awards:

Members and former members Mary Cathcart, Ruth Lockhart, and Katherine Musgrave have received the Maryann Hartman Award at the University of Maine, These annual awards recognize women whose works inspire others and raise awareness of contemporary women’s accomplishments.

Maine Women’s Hall of Fame

Mary Cathcart, Katherine Musgrave, Sharon Barker,  Ruth Lockhart, and Ann Schonberger are members and former members who have been elected to the Maine Women’s Hall of Fame.